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Well, like most people, we at SoyWorld USA have been cleaning things our whole lives with conventional, chemical-based cleansers. But they always left our skin feeling dry, cracked, and irritated, and we couldn’t elude the suspicion that breathing in all those toxic-smelling fumes from our surfaces and dishes was deeply unhealthy. So we tried all kinds of “natural” household products, but they never seemed to get anything really clean, the way we like it.

Around the same time, we created SoyMagic Skin Cleanser, our natural dermatologist-developed moisturizing face and body wash. And we wondered if somehow we could use the incredibly fast-moving soy nanoparticles in our skin-care formulation to help clean our kitchens, baths, and even our fruits and vegetables. (Must eliminate all those nasty pesticides and waxes, right?)

After years of painstaking work and dozens of prototypes, we finally got it right – and the SoyMagic line of home care products is even more amazing than we imagined. They clean more effectively than anything else out there; they’re remarkably friendly to the environment; they’re completely safe for you and your family, and—here’s the most amazing part of all—they’re actually nice to your skin.

So we hope you’ll feel as good as we do using SoyMagic cleansers – and keep your eye out for even more exciting and revolutionary cleansing products from SoyWorld USA in the months and years ahead.

Soy to the World! Better for you and our planet. Here's Why!

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