SoyShine Natural Dish Detergent is more than safe: its soy! Let it fight bacteria and moisturize your hands while turning out sparkling clean dishes.

Soy is an amazing plant rich with natural bacteria fighting and moisturizing properties. It’s the perfect combination you want in a dishwashing liquid: a natural dish detergent that is eco-friendly, free of harsh chemicals, and beautifies your hands.

SoyShine Natural Dish Detergent

    17.6 oz. | $6.99

SoyShine Natural Dish Detergent

To say SoyShine Natural Dish Detergent literally helps you clean the dishes is not an exaggeration. This dishwashing liquid is many many nano elements of soy fatty acid that attack and dislodge grease and food particles the minute it hits the surface. Our patented processing gives you the extraordinary bacterial fighting power of soy while it naturally moisturizes your hands.

Spray On Natural Dish Detergent

Why is this Natural Dish Detergent in a spray? With just a few short sprays of this soy-rich natural dish detergent, you’re attacking all the grime hiding in the crevices and crannies of your pots and pans. Spraying means you’ll consume less detergent and water—saving you loads of time and money.

Natural Dish Detergent with Soy Moisturizers

The gloves are off. And the results are in. SoyShine is the only pure soy-based formula with natural emollients to soften your hands while it helps you clean the dishes.


Active Ingredients: Soybean fatty acids, lecithin, purified water, natural preservatives, fragrance.


Active Patented Process: Nanotechnology: remarkably small particles that penetrate and knock out dirt and grease to cut dishwashing time.

Soy to the World! Better for you and our planet. Here's Why!

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