Naturally Emollient Face Moisturizer of Pure Soy

Soybeans are Asia’s secret to smooth and even-toned skin. SoyMagic’s scientific patented process ensures all our Natural Moisturizers retain 100% of soy’s emollients. SoyMagic’s Natural Face Moisturizer is made from pure soy — not just an extract or soy oil.

SoyMagic Natural Face Moisturizer

    1.5 oz. | $25.00

SoyMagic Natural Face Moisturizer

SoyMagic Natural Face Moisturizer is a remarkable formula composed of soy, which studies have shown reduces blotchiness and discoloration. The soy properties in this Natural Face Moisturizer also enhance the skin’s elasticity, controls oil production, and helps reduce unwanted hair. It’s also naturally full of antixodiants.

Who should use SoyMagic Natural Face Moisturizer

It won’t clog pores so it’s perfect for dry, oily, combination, eczema, psoriasis or acne prone skin.

When to use SoyMagic Natural Face Moisturizer

Massage a thin layer of SoyMagic Natural Face Moisturizer onto your face after washing in the morning and at night. Your tone will be more even, your oily spots will be easier to control, and your skin will be healthier than ever.


Active Ingredients: Soybean fatty acids, lecithin, purified water, natural preservatives, fragrance.


Active Patented Process: Nanotechnology: remarkably small particles that move with kinetic force on the surface of your skin - penetrating deep to moisturize.

Soy to the World! Better for you and our planet. Here's Why!

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