SoyGolf Golf Club Cleaner lets you be green while improving your game. This all natural, eco-friendly cleanser is a must-have for every golfer.

Effortlessly clean your golf clubs with this amazing golf club cleaner. The science of our all natural soy-based formula rids dirt and grass from your golf clubs and balls so you can drive farther and play harder.

SoyGolf Golf Club Cleanser

    1.5 oz. | $8.50

SoyGolf Golf Club Cleanser

SoyGolf Golf Club Cleaner cleans your golf clubs so effectively you’ll see the upswing in your game immediately. Avoid harsh, chemical-heavy formulas for cleaning golf clubs that might actually end up harming them.

Why Use SoyGolf Golf Club Cleaner

Purge the grass and dirt build-up in the grooves of your woods
and irons in a flash. With SoyGolf Golf Club Cleaner you’ll never worry about the slightest hiccup in your putts because of a smudge or a blotch. And forget that sludge in the ball washer - one quick spray with SoyGolf Golf Club Cleaner and the ball will fly like it’s supposed to.

Spray Golf Club Cleaner

Pop this convenient spray bottle in your golf bag or pocket for cleaning golf clubs whenever you need it. Dirt can’t hide with SoyGolf’s spray action golf club cleaner.


Active Ingredients: Soybean fatty acids, lecithin, purified water, natural preservatives, fragrance.


Active Patented Process: Nanotechnology: remarkably small particles that whisk away dirt and foreign particles with incredibly fast movement - not chemicals.

Soy to the World! Better for you and our planet. Here's Why!

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