SoyFresh Organic Fruit & Vegetable Wash removes 99% of bacteria naturally - cleaning away wax, chemicals and dirt from produce.

SoyFresh is engineered from an organic soy compound so be worry-free when cleaning with this fruit and vegetable wash. It contains no chemicals: 100% safe for your family, and highly effective fighting bacteria.

SoyFresh All-Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash

    17.6 oz. | $9.99

SoyFresh All-Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash

SoyFresh Organic Fruit & Vegetable Wash lets you be confident about the produce you’re feeding your family. SoyFresh is 100% natural made from a soybean compound, which naturally fights bacteria from wax, pesticides, soil, toxins and fingerprints. It's safe on both hard and soft produce from broccoli to strawberries and lettuce.

Why Use SoyFresh Organic Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Organic produce is expensive and even those triple-washed advertised packages have been known to have contaminants. So the only produce you can trust are the fruits and vegetables you wash with SoyFresh.

Spray-On SoyFresh Natural Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Simply spray on and follow with a short soak and rinse. There’s no "agitating" necessary like with other washes so your fruits and vegetables stay pristine and unbruised.


Active Ingredients: Soybean fatty acids, lecithin, purified water, natural preservatives, fragrance.


Active Patented Process: Nanotechnology: remark-
ably small particles with an energy force that sweeps away foreign particles and bacteria from the surface of your produce.

Soy to the World! Better for you and our planet. Here's Why!

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