SoyMagic green cleaning products are completely non-toxic, biodegradable cleansers made with the unique cleaning power of soy bean fatty acids.

Every one of our green cleaning products is made from pure soy beans. Known for centuries in Asia for its cleaning prowess, soy beans are now available to you through our unique scientific processing.

SoyComplete Green All-Purpose Cleanser - More Details

SoyComplete Green All-Purpose Cleanser

SoyComplete Green All-Purpose Cleanser is actually millions of soy bean nano-particles engineered to break down dirt with a moving force all on its own. Think “scrubbing bubbles” without the harsh chemicals! The magical results you’ll see are derived part from the soybean and part from our internationally patented processing.

SoyShine Natural Dish Detergent - More Details

SoyShine Natural Dish Detergent

To say SoyShine Natural Dish Detergent literally helps you clean the dishes is not an exaggeration. This dishwashing liquid is many many nano elements of soy fatty acid that attack and dislodge grease and food particles the minute it hits the surface. Our patented processing gives you the extraordinary bacterial fighting power of soy while it naturally moisturizes your hands.

SoyMagic Eco-Friendly Green Home Starter Kit - More Details

SoyMagic Eco-Friendly Green Home Starter Kit

Save with this 3-pack sampler, which contains a bottle each of SoyComplete Green All Purpose Cleaner, SoyFresh All-Natural Fruit Vegetable Wash, and SoyShine Natural Dish Detergent.

Soy to the World! Better for you and our planet. Here's Why!

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